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Bookmarklets are useful links which you bookmark that contain extra functionality. Drag the links below onto your bookmark toolbar. Further information is provided by Wikipedia in English and German.

These are my personal bookmarklets, hence the name. I find them useful. You may or may not. Feel free to use them and in the case that you like them as well you may of course tell me so ;)


Sex sells. And everybody loves screenshots. Even for command line software. So, here they are (based on v0.7):

Bookmarklets imported in Firefox
Bookmarklets imported in Firefox
Search by marking a word Result from marking a word and using the Oxford Dictionary
Search by entering a word using Google Define Result from entering a word

Now, go on. Use them!


After you bookmarked the links simply select some text on any website and click on the link in the toolbar.

In the case that no text is selected you may enter the text directly after you clicked the link.


(1) The links remove leading and trailing spaces of the selected text. (2) The results open in a new window which is particularly useful if you chose to configure Firefox to open new windows in a new tab instead of a single new window. (3) An input prompt is displayed if no text was selected.

Based on Leo's bookmarklets. Tested with Firefox, only. Reported to work with Opera 8.53 and Opera 9.0b, though. Might work in IE as well.


Unfortunately I cannot provide one link for all browsers. Microsoft's Internet Explorer is one hell of a browser and since its the best of the best MS' flagship is unable to cope with bookmark-urls longer than 512 characters. The links that were developed for Firefox would work in IE if — not to mention that I like the word "if" —, yes if Microsoft had developed better software that adheres to standards.

The Bookmarklets

Drag these links to your bookmarks or right-click on each and select "bookmark".

The links in brackets have the same functionality and are intended to save space in the bookmarks toolbar if used.

Firefox, Mozilla and OperaMS Internet Explorer

Browsing Enhancements

Open URL [URL] — Open URL [URL]
  Intended to conveniently open text-only links
  Create URL from Text [Text2URL] — Create URL from Text [Text2URL]
  Turns plain text URLs into HTML links (originally "linkify" from Jesse Ruderman,
  Create Text from Title [Titel2Text] — Create Text from Title [Titel2Text]
  Turns all title attributes into displayed text (originally "paren tips" from Jesse Ruderman,


Google [GG] — Google [GG]
  Google's web search
Google Site Search [GG Site] — Google Site Search [GG Site]
  Google's web search restricted to the current web site
Google Lucky [GG Luck] — Google Lucky [GG Luck]
  Google's lucky web search where you are redirected to the first result in the list
Google Define [GG Def] — Google Define [GG Def]
  Google's definition search
Google Scholar [GG Schol] — Google Scholar [GG Schol]
  Google's academic search
Google Search<>Scholar [GG<>Schol] — Google Search<>Scholar [GG<>Schol]
  Open a Google search in Google's academic search and vice versa

Product Searches

Google Froogle Germany [GG Froo] — Google Froogle Germany [GG Froo]
  Google's product search for Germany
Yahoo Shopping Germany [Y! Shop] — Yahoo Shopping Germany [Y! Shop]
  Yahoo's product search for Germany

Image Searches

Google Image [GG Img] — Google Image [GG Img]
  Google's image search
Yahoo Image [Y! Img] — Yahoo Image [Y! Img]
  Yahoo's Image Search


Wikipedia German [Wiki DE] — Wikipedia German [Wiki DE]
  The German Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia
Meyers Lexikon [Meyers] — Meyers Lexikon [Meyers]
  Meyers Lexikon, a well-known German encyclopedia
Wikipedia English [Wiki DE] — Wikipedia English [Wiki DE]
  The English Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia
Yahoo Encyclopedia [Y! Enc] — Yahoo Encyclopedia [Y! Enc]
  Columbia Encyclopedia provided by Columbia University Press

English Language References

Oxford English Dictionary [Oxf] — Oxford English Dictionary [Oxf]
  Oxford university press dictionary look-up
Merriam-Webster Dictionary [MW Dict] — Merriam-Webster Dictionary [MW Dict]
  Merriam-Webster's English Dictionary including pronounciation
Merriam-Webster Thesaurus [MW Thes] — Merriam-Webster Thesaurus [MW Thes]
  Merriam-Webster's English thesaurus
Yahoo Dictionary [Y! Dict] — Yahoo Dictionary [Y! Dict]
  American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language provided by Houghton Mifflin
Yahoo Thesaurus [Y! Thes] — Yahoo Thesaurus [Y! Thes]
  Roget's II: The New Thesaurus provided by Houghton Mifflin
Wordsmyth English Dictionary [Wordsmyth] — Wordsmyth English Dictionary [Wordsmyth]
  Wordsmyth English dictionary and thesaurus with related words, synonyms and antonyms
Acronym & Abbreviation Finder [AcroAbbrv] — Acronym & Abbreviation Finder [AcroAbbrv]
  Comprehensive dictionary of human-edited acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms

German Language References

Xipolis Online-Bibliothek [Xipolis] — Xipolis Online-Bibliothek [Xipolis]
  Xipolis references including encyclopedias, German dictionaries and dictionaries of foreign words in German
Langenscheidt Fremdwörterbuch Online [Langenscheidt] — Langenscheidt Fremdwörterbuch Online [Langenscheidt]
  Dictionary of foreign words for the German language
Canoo Wörterbuch und Grammatik [Canoo] — Canoo Wörterbuch und Grammatik [Canoo]
  Dictionary and grammatical resource for the German language


Leo Translation for English and German [Leo] — Leo Translation for English and German [Leo]
  Leo's translation dictionary for English and German


Google Maps Germany [GG Maps DE] — Google Maps Germany [GG Maps DE]
  Google's street maps for Germany
Google Maps Berlin [GG Maps Bln] — Google Maps Berlin [GG Maps Bln]
  Google's street maps for the city of Berlin, Germany
Berlin Street Map [Bln Map] — Berlin Street Map [Bln Map]
  Looking up streets in the city of Berlin, Germany


Spiegel Online Wetter [SpOn Wetter] — Spiegel Online Wetter [SpOn Wetter]
  Weather forecasts for Germany on
Donnerwetter [DonnWett] — Donnerwetter [DonnWett]
  Weather forecasts for Germany on

Browser Manipulation

Center Window [Center]
  Moves a window to the center of the screen without changing its size
Resize Window [Resize]
  Resizes a window to the specified width and height with 1024x768 as the default
Get Outer Window Size [Out Win Size]
  Returns the window's size including window decorations and toolbars in a little prompt window
Get Inner Window Size [Inn Win Size]
  Returns the window's size excluding everything but the space where the website is displayed (including frames, though) in a little prompt window
Get Page Size [Page Size]
  Returns the page's size in a little prompt window

Web Development

Host Information from Netcraft [Host Info] — Host Information from Netcraft [Host Info]
  Displays information about the server from the current website (inspired by "netcraft" from Jesse Ruderman,
HTTP Header from Web-Sniffer [HTTP Header] — HTTP Header from Web-Sniffer [HTTP Header]
  Returns the HTTP response header returned by a website (inspired by "http headers" from Jesse Ruderman,
  W3C Validate HTML [Validate HTML] — W3C Validate HTML [Validate HTML]
  Checks the current website's HTML for standard conformity (originally "validate html" from Jesse Ruderman,
  W3C Validate CSS [Validate CSS] — W3C Validate CSS [Validate CSS]
  Checks the current website's CSS for standard conformity (originally "validate html" from Jesse Ruderman,

Note: The Browser Manipulation bookmarklets work in Firefox and affiliates only.

The Multi–Bookmarklets

Additionally, with these multi-bookmarklets you can open several windows/tabs at once.

Note: As mentioned in the section Non-Features Microsoft's Internet Explorer does not seem to like URLs longer than 512 characters. Therefore these multi-bookmarklets do not work in IE.

All English Dictionaries (5) [All EN Dicts]
  This includes the following English dictionaries: (1) Oxford, (2) Mirriam-Webster, (3) Yahoo, (4) Wordsmyth and (5) Leo
All German Dictionaries (3) [All DE Dicts]
  This includes the following German Dictionaries: (1) Xipolis, (2) Langenscheidt and (3) Canoo
All English Thesauri (3) [All EN Thes]
  This includes the following English thesauri: (1) Merriam-Webster, (2) Yahoo and (3) Wordsmyth
All German Encyclopedias (2) [All DE Encs]
  This includes the following German encyclopedias: (1) Wiki and (2) Meyers
All English Encyclopedias (2) [All EN Encs]
  This includes the following English encyclopedias: (1) Wiki and (2) Yahoo
All Image Searches (2) [All Img]
  This includes the following image search sites: (1) Google and (2) Yahoo
All German Product Searches (2) [All Shops]
  This includes the following product searches for Germany: (1) Google Froogle and (2) Yahoo Shopping
All Maps for Berlin (2) [All Maps]
  This includes the following maps for Berlin: (1) Google and (2)

Now, on any webpage simply select a word or a group of words and click on the bookmarklet.

Please inform me, when any of the links above is not working (provided you use Firefox, of course).

Export for Import

While the number of bookmarklets grew I decided to implement a feature that would allow me to import all bookmarklets at once in Firefox.

Firefox and basically all other browsers as well use simple HTML web files as a container to store the bookmarks. Now, I created a Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape conform file which you can easily import using the bookmark manager of your browser. It works for Opera as well.

The imported bookmarklets will have little icons, so called favicons. Most of the time these icons come directly from the websites the bookmarklet belongs to, e.g. Google. Some of them I have made on my own, e.g. for the multi-bookmarklets. The Check for Updates favicon comes from FamFamFam.

Note: As far as I have tested it your old bookmarks are not replaced during import. It should therefore be generally save to use this feature but I do hereby neglect all responsibility for any loss of data or damage that might occur. Got it? ;)

There are six ways to export the bookmarklets from here:

All these links will directly ask you to save the file. Do so and save it as HTML. Now go to the bookmark manager of your browser. Select [File]...[Import] and choose the file you have just downloaded. Et voilà!

To check for a new version of myBookmarklets just click the link at the end of the imported bookmarklets.

If you experience any difficulties during import and if you are really shure that you can handle the situation and that you know what you are doing and that you are not using MS IE then, well then you might well contact me and give me a detailed description of what happened to you. (Did I mention Firefox?)


Current version is 0.96

v0.96 (05.05.2006)

v0.95 (30.08.2006)

v0.91 (27.05.2006)

v0.9 (25.05.2006)

v0.81 (22.05.2006)

v0.8 (21.05.2006)

v0.76 (20.05.2006)

v0.75 (19.05.2006)

v0.7 (18.05.2006)

v0.6 (16.05.2006)

v0.52 (15.05.2006)

v0.51 (12.05.2006)

v0.5 (09.05.2006)

v0.41 (08.05.2006)

v0.4 (05.05.2006)

v0.3 (04.05.2006)

v0.25 (02.05.2006)

v0.21 (01.05.2006)

v0.2 (30.04.2006)

v0.1 (27.04.2006)